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Advertise your holiday property – uk travel guest post

If you are interested in advertising your holiday property here on this site and writing a travel guest post for us, please read the following carefully.


What this site will give you

We will give you a blog post/page were you can write about and advertise your holiday property/website/toursim site. You can add up to 1000 words (minimum 250), and submit pictures/videos (videos must be hosted elsewhere). We will give you a ‘dofollow’ link back to your site. You are also welcome to link to your social profiles in your guest post as well.

What we require

1) All written text must be original – and not elsewhere on the web. This will be checked via Copyscape and other methods. 2) All written text must make sense and not be garbled automated junk. 3) Whilst we allow you to use advertising language about your property/site, your guest post must also be written in a way that is engaging to our readers and must be informative – I.E our readers like lots of details about the property and area. 4) Your site MUST be travel or tourism related! It doesn’t matter what kind of travel or tourism – but priority will be given to independent holiday property owners in the UK and Ireland.

5) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – WE ABSOLUTELY require a ‘dofollow’ link back! It doesn’t have to be from the same site you are advertising here, but it must be a HIGH QUALITY travel/tourism related site. This link must go up before we approve your article/guest post (see below). We will also require you to add about 50 words of text around our link back to this site – this will be written by us.

We personally detest going through the motions of writing a high quality and engaging guest post, submitting it as per site instructions, only to never hear anything back! We therefore wouldn’t dream of expecting you to randomly write a guest post for us without you knowing it is very likely to go live. Thus please note the stages we go through below.

Please contact us using the form below with the following information

1) The URL of the property/website you’d like to write about. 2) If you have a specific idea/theme for your guest post, please give a brief outline. 3) Please give the EXACT URL where you propose to place the link back to this site

After this stage, once we are both happy, we will ask you to submit your article. At this point we expect you to add our link to your site. You may add up to 2 links back to 1 of your websites anywhere in the guest post. You may also add links to your social profiles. We will give instructions on how to format it for our site before we ask you to submit your guest post.

Whilst after submission we reserve the right to reject or ask you to modify your guest post, if you have written a detailed, original article as per the instructions given here, this is unlikely. But if for some reason we reject your article, we will inform you.

We do reserve the right modify your article.

We will email you once your holiday guest post is live.

VERY IMPORTANT – if you remove our link from your site, we will remove your guest post. This is checked very frequently.

PLEASE NOTE that by contacting us regarding a guest post, you agree that any images and other content you submit are owned by you and/or you have permission to use them for advertising purposes, and that you give us permission to use them on this website.


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