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Holiday cottage in Anglesey Are you looking for a quaint rural holiday cottage on Anglesey? Want a rural holiday cottage with views of the sea? Then have a look at Glasfryn, in Llanfaethlu (roughly pronounced thlan-vi-flee). This newly refurbished holiday cottage on Anglesey is located on the west coast, and … ...READ THE REST


Looking for a secluded and quiet holiday cottage on beautiful Anglesey within a stones throw of the sea? Want dramatic cliffs, pristine seas and stunning views? Well look no further than Salem Fach, in Llanfairynghornwy. Located in the north west tip of the Anglesey, this section of Anglesey is far … ...READ THE REST

Trearddur Bay holiday cottage

Looking for coastal holiday cottage accommodation that sleeps up to 10 people? Looking for a holiday cottage in Trearddur Bay? Or just looking for Anglesey holiday cottages? Then we think we might have what you are looking for. We present you with Alarch holiday cottage.   For more information about … ...READ THE REST